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Extruded polystyrene foam PENOPLEX® STRONG SLOPE 585х1185 А2

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PENOPLEX® STRONG SLOPE А2 is a high-performance thermal insulation material (latest-generation XPS) manufactured from general-purpose polystyrene.
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Type of thermal insulation slabs used in segment of professional industrial and civil construction. Slabs are intended for creation a slope / a counter slope to drainage outlets on the roofs, as well as for additional water removal from the parapet and raised structural elements — roof lights, ventilation shafts).
Main characteristics: Thickness, mm: from 10 to 30 Length, mm: 1185; Width, mm: 585 Edge type: С (straight) Number of sheets in package, pcs: 10 Area in package, m2: 6.93 Volume in package, m3: 0.2770 Heat conductivity at (10±0,3) °C, W/(m•K): 0.034 Compressive strength at 10 % of relative strain, MPa, not less: 0.30 Direction of slope: longitudinal Angle of slope, %: 1.7 Additional characteristics: Brand name: PENOPLEX Good type: Extruded polystyrene foam XPS Material: polystyrene foam Density, kg/m3: from 25 to 34 Water absorption within 24 hours, % vol., not more: 0.4 Flammability class: G4 Manufacturer: PENOPLEX SPb LLC
Environment friendliness Safety Absolute biostability Constant low conductivity Virtually zero water absorption (uniform structure due to closed independent cells) High compressive strength Certified lifetime Specifications / standards TU 5767-006-54349294-2014 Production control and evaluation is carried out by accredited laboratories